What is Dani and how does it work?

What is Dani?

"Dani: Mysterious Answers" is a game that gives users the opportunity to ask questions and receive secret and mysterious answers. The main idea of the game revolves around the suggestion that there is a virtual character named "Dani" who has a unique ability to see things and provide accurate answers to questions. Users get the impression that "Dani" knows details about them and can give intriguing responses.

The game relies on a special feature controlled by the player to adjust the answers and steer the questions in a particular way. Individuals need to cleverly understand how to use this feature to achieve the desired results. The game provides an atmosphere of mockery and entertainment, often shared among friends to add a touch of fun and wonder.

How does it work?

Ask your friends to pose a question and inform them that "Dani" can answer their questions, but you must know the answer in advance for the game to succeed. For example, if a friend asks you to ask "Dani" the color of their hat, imagine that the color of their hat is red. Write in the PETITION box: "D." and then write the response you want "Dani" to say when the question is asked.

As you start typing the response, you will notice that your response does not appear, but the PETITION text appears. And when you finish writing the response, press "." again, then continue writing the normal petition text. Your friends will think that you really wrote the petition and not the response.

To better understand, open the page and try typing this text in the petition field: "D. Red color. Answer the following question: In the question field, write: What is the color of my friend's hat? Then, press Send. Please do not copy and paste the text. Instead, type the text without using copy and paste operations.