Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this free?

Our service is totally free, Soon it will be supported by advertisements so we can keep the great service for you.

Q: Can anyone see the contents of messages?

Yes. The numbers are shared and anyone can see the incoming messages. We block out part of the sender for enhanced privacy.

Q: Do you send SMS (messages)?

We only provide in-bound services to all of our numbers. We do not send any messages. Our numbers are temporary, therefore it is possible another person has ownership of the same number at a different time.

Q: How long are SMS (messages) kept?

Messages are kept for approximately 2 - 3 days after first being received.

Q: How often are the phone numbers rotated?

We get new numbers on an almost daily basis, old numbers rotate out after a of about one month.

Q: Do you have an API? Can I scrape the site?

The service is meant for end users and scraping the website is totally prohibited.

Q: How many messages can I send to the numbers?

Although there is no limit to how often you may use the service, we kindly ask to refrain from automated spamming of numbers.

Q: I need a number from a previous month, can you provide it?

No. All numbers are transient and will be replaced on a regular basis. We are unable to gain access to old numbers.

Q: What does the number in parenthesis beside the phone number mean?

This value is the total count of messages that this number has processed so far. Not all of these messages are displayed as some may be too old and have been automatically removed.

Q: This is great!

Thank you, please share the website with your friends and on social media using the social media icons in the footer of the website .

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