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From Received Message
183*****3536 days agoYou're almost there! Click to enter via mobile device or submit MSQCRG-BCQLCT-WAW2RB manually in the entry form on desktop.
128*****1066 days agoVictoire ! Vos coupons : à échanger d'ici 7j chez Couche-Tard. Frais de données applicables. ARRET=arret
127*****5376 days ago[StarMaker] Use 740907 as your login code.
184*****5576 days ago5320 is your ZEPETO Studio verification code. Please verify it in 10mins.
184*****1336 days agoPara mudar o e-mail da sua conta da Wise use o codigo 993630. Nunca o compartilhe, nem mesmo com funcionarios da Wise.
121*****0776 days ago[StarMaker] Use 828178 as your login code.
183*****6226 days agoYour GoChat Code: 553426
183*****0537 days ago[DiDi]Codigo de verificacion: 445548. Tu codigo sera valido por 5 minutos. Protege tu cuenta y no compartas este codigo. Ol/Ow6qV7AC
183*****3127 days agoFLHSMV Click to confirm your appointment. Reply STOP to opt out of texting. If you opt out you will be unable to make an appointment with FLHSMV.
183*****8387 days ago<#> [7711] SMS verification number from Kakao T MJaUe/yY/3A
176*****4357 days ago<#>Funkie code: 100136.Don't share it with others. OLSlX/weDpc
184*****1337 days ago<#>Para confirmar o seu numero de telefone na Wise use o codigo: 670668. Nunca o compartilhe. EFTM0ipbQEk
120*****1667 days agoYour Apple ID code is: 847356. Do not share it with anyone.
122*****5297 days ago[Cacheta League] 976176 é o seu código de verificação do Cacheta League.
162*****9857 days agoReply PAUSE to stop receiving these alerts.
162*****9857 days ago
162*****9857 days ago2023 NorCal Fall JUCO Jamboree (2023) is LIVE on BallerTV! Watch here:
120*****9817 days ago電話番号認証コード: 2144 を入力してください。番号の有効期限は 8 分です。SHOWROOM より。
124*****9737 days ago電話番号認証コード: 2144 を入力してください。番号の有効期限は 10 分です。SHOWROOM より。