Meietv – Middle East In Europe TV

Middle East Channel in Europe:

The Middle East Channel in Europe was established in 2015 as the first specialized Arabic channel in Germany, aiming to represent the voice and culture of the Arab community in Europe in general and in Germany in particular. Headquartered in the German capital Berlin, the channel offers a diverse range of programs and reports that cover social, tourist, and sports aspects, in addition to special coverage of artistic and entertainment events.

The channel's programs also include family-oriented content such as cooking and health programs, along with providing information about the prominent shops and restaurants in Berlin. Moreover, it highlights the cultural and civilizational diversity of the Middle East in Berlin, working to enhance direct communication with Arab communities through its programs and coverage.

Through its efforts, the Middle East Channel in Europe also seeks to attract new Arab talents in Europe, providing opportunities for promising talents in various fields such as singing, with more than 1300 talents participating in this initiative.

In this way, the Middle East Channel in Europe plays an important role in promoting cultural and social communication among Arab communities in Europe, fostering integration and mutual understanding.

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