IIPC TV is a free-to-air, English language, Internet TV channel based in Canada, which is part of IIPC Canada, a registered Charitable Organization. The channel started test transmission in October 2006 and since then has broadcast both live and recorded content on a 24-hour basis through its online portal. The Channel Operations are now located in Ontario, Canada. The channel was founded by Mohammad Shaikh, the chairman of the International Islamic Propagation Center. IIPC TV carries educational and informational programs, lectures, documentaries and reviews as well as entertainment based on a Muslim ethos, and reflecting the diversity of thought within the Muslim world. Speakers on the channel include leading Muslim orators like Ahmed Deedat, Zakir Naik, Gary Miller, Yusuf Islam and the channel founder, Mohammad Shaikh. The channel aims to provide a balanced view of Islamic teachings and culture to worldwide audiences, particularly to expatriate Muslim communities, people of other faiths and the general public in non-Muslim lands. IIPC Canada primarily promotes Mohammad Shaikh's lectures along with supporting the poor and needy. Recently a Muslim Ahmadiyya Sect was invited to debate with Mohammad Shaikh, see details in Ahmedi website.

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