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Earthquake Tracker

A page displaying recorded earthquakes in various regions around the world serves as an important source of information regarding seismic activity across the globe. This page aims to provide updates and accurate information about recent earthquakes, categorizing them in terms of their magnitude and geographic location.

Components of this page typically include:

Timeline: The page displays earthquakes in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest. This allows users to track recent seismic events.

Geographic Distribution Map: The page shows earthquakes on a map to enable users to easily pinpoint their locations and understand their geographic distribution.

Earthquake Details: Information about the earthquake's magnitude, depth, and precise geographic location is provided in detail. Additional information about potential damage and consequences may also be included.

Earthquake Classification: The page may include information about the classification of earthquakes based on the Richter scale or another seismic scale, which can indicate the severity of the earthquake.

Real-time Updates: The page also often offers the option to subscribe to real-time updates to receive live notifications when a new earthquake occurs.

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